It's okay to be bad at plants.

With Kurt, just water once per month, that's it.

It's okay to be bad at plants.

With Kurt, just water once per month, that's it. 

Sign up for the best early bird offer before we launch on Kickstarter!

Sign up for the best early bird offer before we launch on Kickstarter!

Fresh herbs make better food.

Kurt is your indoor garden.

We have made Kurt in Copenhagen from recycled plastic and FSC certified Oak. With Kurt you can grow herbs all year round.


It is very simple.

Grow from seed or pregrown plants.

Grow using our seed kits or insert plants from your local supermarket. 

Water once per month, that's it.

The rest is cared for by the built-in plant light and the self-watering system. 

Taste the difference.

Fresh herbs make food tastes better. Enjoy the endless possibilities of an indoor garden.

Conscious Scandinavian design.

Conscious Scandinavian design.

FSC Certified Oak.

We use the best quality oak you can find, sustainably sourced.

Recycled plastic.

Our plastic comes from recycled materials that we buy locally in Denmark. The different colours are all from different sources. 

Cosy grow light.

We have developed the best light for your home and plants. 

Our first users love it.

Our first users love it.

“Really nice to come home after a vacation to fresh, green herbs”

Asbjørn, Valby

“It has been super easy to take care of the plants. You don’t have to think much about watering them”

Juli, Frederiksberg

“It is brilliant to spice up green salads”

Tine, København

Be an early bird and reserve yourself a Kurt.

By reserving now, you get an even bigger offer the day we launch: 20% off plus a free seeds kit!


Size: 48 x 42 x 15 cm (H x W x D)
Light: automatic from 8.00 to 22.00
Water capacity: 1.5 L
Weight: 3 kg
Materials: oak wood, recycled plastic

Local production matters.

Local production matters.

Half of herbs is waste.

Most herbs end in the trash cans because people don't know how to take care of them. Growing your own herbs you will have your own local production of fresh tasty herbs. This saves a lot of transport and a lot of waste. Bonus, freshly cut herbs contain up to 50% more vitamins. 



We're a small company with big thoughts.

When we launched in September we had no idea that we were going to get sold out in 1 week! That made us realize we needed to scale up.

Today we’re three people working in the company, and we do pretty much everything ourselves. We cut the wood in our workshop, we bike all around Copenhagen to find pieces we need, we answer your emails, and we try to get the word about us spread.

To be able to keep people growing we will launch a Kickstarter campaign. That means all of you have a chance to support us to take the next step.

Don't miss out on our Kickstarter.

Be the first to get our early bird offer when we launch on Kickstarter!

Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen
CVR: 41137967

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