We’re soon on Kickstarter.

In september 2020 we sold our first product ever – the self-watering growing system Kurt. We sold so many we had to pause for a bit, and that made us realize – we need to scale up.

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A Scandinavian design piece to grow herbs indoors.


Reduces food and plastic waste.


Only water once per month.


Handmade in Copenhagen from reclaimed wood and ceramic.

It’s OK to be bad at plants.

How does it work?

We know new things might need a little explanation, so here it is.
Kurt is an indoor garden with a built-in growing light. It’s made from reclaimed oak wood and ceramic. 

When you buy Kurt you get everything you need to start growing your own herbs in your home.

  • Handmade in Copenhagen.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Water once a month.

Watch the video to see how to plant.

What our customers said

“After one week I could see the first sprouts, exciting!”

Håkan Andersson

“I love the combination of wood and ceramic. Looking forward to following the small seeds development”

Michelle Faust Berthels

“Really nice to come home after a vacation to fresh, green herbs”

Malthe Pederson

It has been super easy to take care of the plants. You don’t have to think much about watering them

Juli Genser

We keep it local, because we care.

When we launched in September we had no idea of how Kurt would be received, but pretty soon we noticed the will to eat homegrown herbs was bigger than we had anticipated. That made us realize we needed to scale up. Today we’re four people working in the company, and we do pretty much everything ourselves. 

We cut the wood in our workshop, we bike all around Copenhagen to find pieces we need, we answer your emails, and we try to get the word about us spread. 

We want to continue the work we’ve started because we truly believe growing closer is the future of food production, and a must to restore the planet. To be able to do so we will launch a Kickstarter campaign. That means all of you have a chance to support us to take the next step.

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Thank you.

This would not have been possible without our friends Øje-blik and Kristine Adeldoft.

Don’t miss out on our kickstarter!

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