Kurt comes with everything you need to grow.

system parts. how it works

The floater.

It will show you when it's time to fill up the water, and when to stop pouring.

Cotton wicks.

They work as a straw for the plant, allowing it to drink water from the reservoir, whenever it needs to.

LED light.

It mimics the rays of the sun, enabling your herbs to grow all year round.

The timer.

The app-controlled timer will make sure the plants automatically receive 14 hours of sunlight every day.

What's in the box?

  • Oak frame
  • Recycled plastic water reservoir
  • LED grow light
  • Wi-fi timer to control light
  • Power supply
  • Grow cups
  • Floater
  • Guide on how to get started


Dimensions: 482 mm x 418 mm x 154 mm.

Energy: 12 Watt.

Materials: Water tank: Recycled HDPE, Frame: Upcycled Oak wood, Grow cups: Recycled PLA.

Capacity: 1.5 liter water tank