Soil analysis report

250 DKK

We get a sample of your soil.

We analyse it.

We generate a report and send it within 3 business days after we receive the soil.

Varenummer: SAR-1


Why is it important to test your soil?

Healthy plants start with a healthy soil. Nurturing your soil is your main priority as a gardener. But to know how to care for it, you first need to understand it. Every soil is different and has advantages and drawbacks. This is why we think it is imperative to know yours.

Over time, depending on your practices and nature’s will, your soil texture and chemistry will change (for better or worse). It is then advised to perform regular testing for even more informed decisions. Two to four times a year is a good amount, as any change takes time.

What does the report include?

We try to give you as much information as we can based on the sample we have. Here is the list of chapters the report contains:

  1. Overall results & recommandations
  2. Soil type
  3. Water holding capacity
  4. Soil pH - Acidity / Alkalinity
  5. Soil fertility - Electric conductivity (EC)
  6. Macronutrients present in soil (NPK)
  7. Compatible plants

Depending on the results, the report is around 15 pages long.