Light Development Kit (LDK)

225 kr.

The light development kit contains the same light as Kurt, our indoor garden. The full spectrum light provides everything your plants need while keeping a natural white color.

We can’t wait to see what you use it for!

It is simply stripped down to its essential components:

  • Light bar
  • Wi-Fi timer (incl. app to control the light)
  • Power supply
  • Guide
  • Mounting elements
Varenummer: LDK


The best grow light, now 100% hackable!

With the kit you can install the light where you want, how you want, and start growing your plants. 

The Wi-Fi timer is easy to interface with if you want to develop your own app instead of the standard one. You can also unplug the timer and create your own hardware thanks to the standard 24V plugs.


  • Power: up to 12W.
  • Voltage: 24V.
  • LED: full spectrum light bar. dimmable. Not possible to control individually.
  • Light bar dimensions: 285 x 14 x 8 mm.
  • Light spectrum and intensity docs upon request.
  • App source code upon request.

Good for any plant type

The light was developed with every plant type in mind.
It will benefit your herbs and your green plants but also flowers, fruit and vegetable plants, trees, ... 

We tried everything and so should you!

Help a green start-up

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Help us shape the future product of your dreams by participating actively in its development.

Use the light as you see fit and send us photos and comments on how you use it and what you like (or dislike) about it.

Priority support

You might have many questions or ideas and that's exactly what we wish for. 

Send us your problem or feedback directly at mathieu@nordicgrow.dk.
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