Kurt + Starter Kit

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Kurt is a sustainable indoor garden that makes it easy to grow herbs at home. Kurt comes with an automatic LED plant light and self-watering system that gives your plants optimal growing conditions, year round.

  • Add water once per month, that's it.
  • Recycled fishing nets and left over oak wood.
  • Grow from seeds or insert plants.

Pick a colour and a seed kit.

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Plant light? What is that?

We developed a light that is both perfect for plants and looks nice in with your interior. Kurt's light shines a beautiful slightly warm white to create a sunshine-like colour. 

The light is made out of very efficient LEDs and provides everything the plants needs to thrive, no sun required. All under 12W. 

You can use the app to setup Kurt's light to your liking and forget about it. You can also use the app to control manually the brightness if you want to have a more cosy dinner or watch a movie. 

We recommend around 14h of light per day for optimal plant growth. 

What can I grow in Kurt?

Kurt was design by people that enjoy gardening, just like you. So while we offer kits to make it super easy to start, you can of course grow  anything you want in the cups.  

Use your own soil, your own seeds and experiment as much as you want. That's what we do at least. 

Don't hesitate to share your results and crazy plants! Who knows, you might inspire others to try as well. 

Will it fit in my Kitchen?

Kurt is surprisingly compact. It was actually designed for that. Dimensions: 48cm x 42cm x 15cm.

As Kurt has its own light, you can also now think "big" and place your plants wherever you feel like.
A dark corner of your kitchen? not so dark anymore.
Some space on a shelf? Put a Kurt there. 

What is it made of?

Kurt is sustainable from light to toes. The water box is made out of recycled plastic fishnets. Gathered in Jylland, moulded in Sjælland.  

The wood frame is made out of upcycled oak. When our Danish supplier makes the finest quality tables, they spare the left-over oak cut-offs and make beautiful Kurts out of it. 


I'm excited!

All you need to grow.

system parts. how it works

The floater.

It will show you when it’s time to fill up the water, and when to stop pouring.


They work as a straw for the plant, allowing it to drink water from the reservoir, whenever it needs to.

LED plant light.

It mimics the rays of the sun, enabling your herbs to grow all year round.


The app-controlled timer will make sure the plants automatically receive 14 hours of sunlight every day.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 54 × 45 × 40 cm

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Seed kit

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