25 kr.

1 bag is enough for around 5m² 

Plant in early fall for regenerating and protecting your garden

Organic seeds

Varenummer: SEED-SH-VET

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How to use

August - Oktober
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Plant the seeds where your soil is exposed.

Efterår / Vinter
Lad det gro

The plants will grow and enrich the soil. Their roots will also provide oxygen in compact soils.

Klip og lad det blive

Lad simpelthen planterne ligge på jorden, så de vender tilbage til jorden som næringsstoffer. Du kan også grave dem ned.

What makes Shaggy Vetch special?

Shaggy Vetch distinguishes itself among cover crops with a unique set of benefits that set it apart from regular vetch varieties. Here's how the unique attributes of Shaggy Vetch differentiate it from its counterpart:

  1. Extended Blooming Period: Shaggy Vetch tends to have a longer blooming period compared to regular vetch varieties. This prolonged flowering duration attracts more pollinators and beneficial insects, promoting enhanced biodiversity and pollination support.

  2. Increased Biomass Production: Shaggy Vetch typically produces more above-ground biomass than regular vetch varieties. This abundant growth contributes to improved organic matter addition and enhanced soil structure.

  3. Enhanced Weed Suppression: The denser growth and longer tendrils of Shaggy Vetch create a more effective ground cover, resulting in better weed suppression and reduced competition for resources.

  4. Better Erosion Control: Shaggy Vetch's robust growth and extensive root system provide improved erosion control, making it particularly valuable for stabilizing soil on sloped landscapes.

  5. Resilience in Cold Conditions: Shaggy Vetch exhibits greater cold tolerance compared to some regular vetch varieties. This resilience allows it to thrive in colder climates and extend its growth season.

  6. Adaptability to Various Soils: Shaggy Vetch's adaptability to a wide range of soil types makes it suitable for diverse agricultural settings, contributing to its versatility in different farming systems.

  7. Nitrogen Contribution: While both Shaggy Vetch and regular vetch fix nitrogen, the extended growth period of Shaggy Vetch can result in a potentially higher nitrogen fixation rate, further enriching the soil's nutrient content.

  8. Wildlife Habitat: Shaggy Vetch's lush growth provides additional cover and habitat for wildlife, potentially attracting a wider range of beneficial insects and animals.

In comparison to regular vetch varieties, Shaggy Vetch's extended blooming, increased biomass production, enhanced weed suppression, improved erosion control, cold resilience, and potential for greater nitrogen fixation make it a unique and valuable choice for sustainable agriculture. Its versatile benefits align with various agricultural goals, making it an asset in promoting healthier soils and more resilient farming systems.